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MOTOR JIKOV GROUP > REPORT > The company is investing more than CZK 130 million once again
The company is investing more than CZK 130 million once again

New projects, increasing production quality and improving the working environment; these are some of the main reasons for investing within the MOTOR JIKOV GROUP holding company.
“We invested CZK 163 million last year, while this year we are planning investments amounting to CZK 130 million, making it the same amount as the previous four years in just two years, that is, a doubling of investments within the holding,” said Miroslav Dvořák, the CEO of MOTOR JIKOV Group a.s.
Most of the investments will be made by the Pressure Foundry Division of MOTOR JIKOV Slévárna a.s. and the Machining Division MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská a.s., where they plan to buy new machining centres for parts for the Jaguar Land Rover off-road vehicles, for example. This is an entirely new job of the Machining Division. “It will be for producing axles of passenger cars. Intensive technical negotiations are underway between all the participants on the form of the semi-finished – forging products and the subsequent design of the clamps. It’s a joint project of MOTOR JIKOV engineers with THK Dačice and the end customer Jaguar Land Rover. We are also dealing with the supplier of machinery and technology, the German company SW,” said Milan Vančata, the Director of the Machining Division at MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská a.s.

The parts for the Jaguar Land Rover will be supplied by MOTOR JIKOV for nine years, with the start of production planned between the third and fourth quarters of this year. “Two to three machines will be needed to ensure production volumes, depending on the demand and machining range – this is still being determined. They will be horizontal two-spindle five-axis machining centres, for which it was necessary to create a new opening and entry into the production hall for moving the machines thanks to their size,” added Milan Vančata.
The annual sales of the new business can reach CZK 40 to 50 million, not including the material, which is steel forging supplied from the customer from a smithy in France.
The largest part of the resources this year should go to the Pressure Foundry Division at MOTOR JIKOV Slévárna a.s. “The plan is to acquire three robotized casting work stations, shaft melting furnaces and new filtration systems. The pressure foundry is waiting for one of the most demanding periods, but it’ll be an exciting period as it will move us forward immensely in terms of technology, including the active improvement of the working environment and an ecological approach”, highlighted Tomáš Prášil, the Director of Project Management at MOTOR JIKOV Group a.s.