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Industry 4.0 at MOTOR JIKOV: Robots Insert Castings into Machining Centres

Increased production capacity, lowering machining time, higher labour productivity and less dependence on human resources – these are the advantages of the automated machining centres that have been put into operation in the Machining Division at MOTORU JIKOV Strojírenská a.s.
Investments in the entire facility have reached sixty million crowns, making it the largest investment this year in the MOTOR JIKOV GROUP holding company.
“Increasing the technical level and introducing robotic automation is part of the strategy of the holding. An automated workplace meeting the demands of Industry 4.0 brings more efficient production at lower costs, thus enabling us to more easily satisfy our customers’ demands for price reductions,” said Miroslav Dvořák, Chief Executive Officer of JIKOV Group a.s.
“The line will be used for machining, deburring and mounting threaded inserts and rivets for Valve Housings and Retarder Housings, which we supply to our largest customer, Scania , the Swedish truck manufacturer,” added Milan Vančata, Machining Division Manager.

“We are still machining these parts on existing Mori Seiki horizontal centres and doing all the other operations manually,” explained Milan Vančata. The entire line includes two horizontal MAKINO a61 machining centres, a deburring station and a station for mounting threaded inserts and rivets.
A pair of Kawasaki robots operates the entire workplace. Part of the delivery also includes a Kraintek chamber washer, which is now used for washing also for many other aluminium castings in Soběslav, especially for Scania.

“Specialists from several companies and countries are involved in implementing the whole project. It’s a very demanding application in terms of the technology and it is challenging for all involved, but also a learning process. Of course, our technicians and engineers are actively working to solve the problems brought about by the revival process,” emphasized the Director of the of Machining Division at MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská a.s., Milan Vančata.