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New Robotized Workplaces at MOTOR JIKOV

New automated and robotized machinery lines and machining centres have been significantly upgraded at all three MOTOR JIKOV GROUP holding companies.

“Just the costs associated with preparing the workplace where the construction work, connection to energy sources and other activities are under way, and the transport and installation of the machines at the site amounted to one million Czech crowns,” stressed the Director of the Pressure Foundry Division at MOTOR JIKOV Slévárna a.s., Roman Pospíšil. And this was when there was no need to create a new door to bring the machine into the hall.

The Pressure Foundry gained a completely new robotic workplace with a new Colosia PFO1000 casting machine, the third largest in its class. The entire workstation, worth 26 million crowns, consists of a high-pressure Colosia PFO1000 casting machine, a KROWN Krownmatic KM 1200 dosing furnace, a Relbo PLUS 2 150 spraying equipment a Kawasaki R2AA2250 AL CPKL robot, a Diesse Presse T 45 NG + XE trimmer, Enercon extraction and an Impianti 18A110 suction and filtration system.

Due to the dimensions of the new Makino machining centre, workers had to enlarge the doors of MOTOR JIKOV Fostron a.s. “The centre is part of an automatic line which consists of a measuring machine, washer and electrospark machine,” said Jiří Boček, Director of the Casting Division at MOTOR JIKOV Fostron a.s. shortly after installing the machining centre.

The new MAKINO D 500 is a five-axis machining centre that has replaced the existing three-axis MC MAKINO S 33 manufactured in 2004. “We manufacture shape inserts for quenching on this machine. Five-axis machining is more productive, a shorter tool can be used by tilting the work piece making machining more accurate. This MAKINO machine is one of the best available on the market,” emphasized Jiří Boček.

The start of the whole line is divided into two stages. Once the machining centre has been put into operation, the measuring machine and the washer are connected. The robot was supplied by EROWA. “We expect that an electrospark machine will also be connected roughly in mid-2019,” added the Production Manager.

The whole line price is roughly forty million crowns, half of which is covered by subsidies.