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MOTOR JIKOV GROUP has a high innovation potential, capable of dealing with very demanding technical requirements.

Robotic assembly lines

The company develops and produces sophisticated equipment and assembly lines as required by customers, optimised for high productivity of production processes.

MOTOR JIKOV filling station

MOTOR JIKOV GROUP has developed and currently is the only Czech producer that supplies compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations intended both for individuals and companies with a CNG-powered fleet. The project significantly saves fuel costs and contributes to environmental protection. The unit meets high safety standards as well as environmental and emission limits.

TVC – Technology Development Centre

New development project of technological processes and concepts of robotised workplaces for production of high-pressure aluminium castings with automatic operation and minimal production time. The target of TVC is a permanent improvement of the product innovation cycle, especially with regard to quality and stability, increase of mechanical properties and casting strength, development of thin-wall structural castings with significant weight savings, development of castings made of new aluminium alloys and very new foundry products with high production process efficiency, up to 80% according to OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).