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To extend and improve the quality of our service portfolio, we cooperate with key partners in selected fields of business. The results are technically sophisticated products, experience and flexibility to achieve new goals within the highly competitive environment of foreign markets.


A synergy of four companies: MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská, MOTOR JIKOV Slévárna, MOTOR JIKOV Fostron, MOTOR JIKOV GREEN creates strategic partnerships within the MOTOR JIKOV GROUP holding. Development, design, engineering, foundry industry and business use the strength of mutual production and technological capacities. Precious know-how and creative innovations enable flexible fulfilment of demanding requirements of global markets.


MOTOR JIKOV GROUP is focused on environmental issues. In 2009 it was a founding member of the NGV Association, which deals with the development of alternative fuels in transport industry. In the same year it introduced its own CNG (compressed natural gas) filling station intended for individuals as well as companies preferring alternative fuels (as the first company in the Czech Republic). Within the project, the company concluded a strategic partnership with E.ON, a leading distribution company with the target to contribute to a permanent reduction of emissions and to support the growth of environmental friendly transport.

Company development strategy

The MOTOR JIKOV GROUP strategy is the permanent development in the area of engineering and metallurgy, using the latest information technologies. These processes are based on a satisfied customer who is permanently provided with good quality services, from design up to deliveries of final products on a global level. Activity is based on mutually beneficial cooperation with our business partners. We tirelessly aim for transparency, credibility and increased competitiveness of the famous Czech engineering school.