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The foundations of engineering and foundry production established.
UNION engineering factory and foundry in České Budějovice
Production of water turbines, assemblies and repairs of engines.
MOTOR UNION, national company
Production of components for the automotive industry.
Production of two-stroke and four-stroke engines.
MOTOR, national company
Production focused on automotive industry under the “JIKOV” trade mark – fuel and air-pressure systems.
Start of production of fuel system components and carburettors for Škoda 105, Škoda 120 and consequently for Škoda Favorit.
Start of production of high-pressure compressors.
MOTOR JIKOV, state company
Establishment of AutoSAP, Automotive Industry Association.
MOTOR JIKOV, stock company
Joint venture with Robert Bosch.
Incorporation of MOTOR JIKOV to M.I.C.B., the engineering group. Production of MOTOR JIKOV brand obtains international certification.
Start of production of airbag components for TRW Aschau.
Acquisition of Lada Soběslav.
Start of licence production of four-stroke engines Fichtel & Sachs.
Establishment of the Fostron company by merger of MOTOR JIKOV tool shop and Lada JH.
Establishment of subsidiary companies.
Start of production of die-cast products for the Brose company.
Joint venture with Tecumseh Products Company.
Start of production of pressure tools for MAGNA.
Start of production of riveting tools for Textron Fastening Systems (Infastech).
Start of production of TENNANT cleaning machines.
Production extension of parts and other components for main customers – TELEFLEX, AUTOMOTIVE, TEXTRON E-Z-GO and ELECTROLUX.
Start of production and machining of aluminium alloy castings for Briggs & Stratton.
Start of production for SCANIA AB.
Production of the first domestic CNG refuelling appliances in the Czech Republic and introduction to market.
Start of the Green Power Drive project.
Establishment of NGVA.
Development of production of CNG filling stations for companies and households.
Winning the 1st place of E.ON Energy Globe Award in the category “Air” for a compressed natural gas refueling appliance.
Acquisition of KURTZ AL machine and start of low-pressure casting.
Establishment of MOTOR JIKOV GREEN trade company