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MOTOR JIKOV GROUP > REPORT > The company is investing more than CZK 130 million once again

Power savings step by step


Optimisation of reserved capacity

Fifteen-minute maximum control

Consumption layout in shifts

Purchase of environmentally friendly electricity

Purchase of electricity based on stock prices

Gradual replacement of lighting fixtures with efficient ones and other actions recommended by energy audit

Savings for 2011 – approx. 3.5 %


Optimisation of negotiated power

Fifteen-minute maximum control

Savings for 2011 – approx. 3.6 %


Gradual transfer from steam to hot water heating

Cancelling of central heating and its replacement with economically and better options – bright ceramic gas heaters, production technology boilers, local gas boiler house

Estimated savings up to 15 %

Fuel savings in transition to compressed natural gas

Estimated savings approximately 40% of annual fuel cost

Environmental protection

Reduction of air emissions – modification of existing technologies, completion of filter to meet defined emission limits

Issue of IPCC – Integrated permit according to Act 76/2002 Coll. For both divisions of MOTOR JIKOV Slévárna

Regular training of employees

Closing down large sources of pollution, e.g. boiler house in MOTOR JIKOV Strojírenská (Soběslav)

Results of Environmental Inspection audits to prove correctness of actions

Environment surveillance is provided by an external company, which also secures waste disposal, new legislation application, training, control activities etc.

Human resources

Growth of investment in education and development

Growth of investment in education and development

Social programs – defined in the Collective Agreement:

Working hours 37.5 hours per week

Convalescent week 5 weeks

Paid time off in the case of personal problems at work

Contribution to corporate catering

Contribution to pension insurance

Social assistance in exceptional serious cases (e.g. in case of accidents, natural disasters, financial emergency etc.)

Interest-free loans for individual housing construction, eventually for purchase of an apartment in private ownership

Contribution to children’s recreation

Growth of sales per employee (MOTOR JIKOV Group)

Growth of sales per employee