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MOTOR JIKOV GROUP understands that it is necessary to bear responsibility for environmental protection. The established quality and environmental protection policies contain active measures to reduce the environmental impacts of production. Within its sustainable development and environmental profile development, the company focuses its attention especially on the prompt identification of possible damaging effects on the environment, reduction of power consumption, environmental waste disposal as well as education and personal responsibility of employees.

E-ON Certificate

Selected environmental measures of companies within MOTOR JIKOV GROUP


MOTOR JIKOV GROUP controls and coordinates activities of individual companies in the field of ecology, waste disposal, environmental protection, landscape protection and human health, including savings of power and water during production and other activities. Within these activities it cooperates with the INVESTIX Company.


Individual companies adhere to the valid legislation of the Czech Republic according to conditions set by the European Union in the area of ecology and environmental protection. Internal company regulations regarding the safe handling of hazardous chemicals, products and packaging, taking back of products, air protection against pollutants, protection of waste, surface and underground water, including geological environment in the subsoil of individual plants, are also updated continuously.


Control days focused on compliance with internal regulations and all valid legislation in the area of ecology and environmental protection are carried out in the company on quarterly basis. There are established organisational and technical measures to reduce the occurrence, volume and hazards of production process wastes. Usable fractions of wastes are separated as secondary raw materials. Waste amount reduction is also secured by strict compliance with the measures for taking back products according to the Waste Act.


Regularly updated safety sheets of hazardous chemicals and identification sheets of hazardous wastes, including layout of collecting containers and a list of responsible persons, are available in all plants.


Regular inspections are carried out to verify compliance with the waste management plans of individual companies, readiness and equipment of the plants according to updated emergency plans of operations or equipment for the case of leakage of harmful substances. Collecting tanks are situated under hazardous substances, and all operations have waste containers as well as drip pans and tubs underneath the manufacturing equipment using oils, coolants or cutting fluids etc. This reduces the risk of accidental leakage of hazardous substances into groundwater and the geological environment.


All companies within the holding focus on the continuous reduction of emissions discharged into the air. Emission limits defined by standards are not exceeded. No accidental leakage of hazardous substances into the air was recorded.


In the case of property, operating and other buildings that are rented out to tenants, MOTOR JIKOV GROUP through its contractor INVESTIX monitors whether the tenants and subtenants follow the environmental policy in rented premises, whether the defined measuring of individual sections of environment is carried out in time and according to valid legislation, lease and sublease contracts and whether the results of such measuring do not exceed the permitted limits.


Medium-frequency induction melting furnaces with a new exhausting system and filtration station, installed at the MOTOR JIKOV Slévárna plant, secure reduction of the amount of emissions discharged into the air, which results in meeting environmental standards. The furnaces are also equipped with solid pollutant filters.

Specific environmental projects

Comprehensive support

The first MOTOR JIKOV domestic compressed natural gas (CNG) filling unit in the Czech Republic was introduced to the market after two years of development. It is intended for businesses as well as private owners of CNG vehicles. The filling unit uses a domestic natural gas connection. Natural gas is pumped to the vehicle tank using a specially developed compressor.

Promotional campaign

A wide promotional campaign accompanied the start of serial production of compressed natural gas (CNG) filling units. At the same time this environmentally clean power system is implemented in fork-lift trucks used by the company as well as some passenger and commercial vehicles. In addition to CO2 emission reduction, this secures significant reductions of operating costs.


Technology Development Centre of processes and concepts of robotised work places for production of high-pressure aluminium castings with automatic operation and minimal production time. Modern power-effective technologies with a positive environmental impact will be acquired within the project implementation.
Production process effectiveness increase (increase of OEE from 60 to 80 % in 2014),
Scrap reduction (by 27 %; target value 1.5 % vs. current 2.06 %),
Reduction of machine start losses (power savings of at least 33 %),
Waste amount reduction (related to lower scrap rate – by 10 % by 2014),
Quality improvement, stability quality and related increase of casting life durability.
Implementation of thin-walled structural casting production (savings of 20-30 % of material and weight).

This means production savings, savings using structural castings, e.g. in transport, where it enables weight and consumption reduction – reduction of total vehicle weight by 10% to 15%. Structural castings can be used for parts of body, axles, wheel suspensions, seat structures, LED headlight frames etc. New production of technologically demanding castings with higher added value, which generate higher production with lower consumption of natural resources.