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The division specialises in the development, design and production of single-purpose machines and automated production lines. Every machine is uniquely produced according to customer needs based on the knowledge of current global technologies.


The Single-Purpose Machines Division of MOTOR JIKOV Fostron is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008 for the following scope:
Development, production and sale of single-purpose machines.


MJF certificate – EN ISO 9001 : 2008


8x CAD SW Unigraphics station


Assembly equipment: From simple equipment with manual handling up to assembly lines with automatic fitting of parts by handling devices or industrial robots. The equipment usually provides common operations such as component handling, assembly, screwing, pressing, riveting, lubrication, gluing, welding and marking of parts.

Machining centres: Individual or as a part of lines for machining castings, forgings or other semi-products, complete with the following technological operations: drilling, turning, threading, milling, checking for the presence of holes and tool compactibility.

Testing stations: Individual operations are either a part of the assembly process part of a separate testing device. It is possible to test parameters such as torque, leakage, functionality, durability of the product, electrical parameters of the product; or to measure output parameters.

Machining fixtures: For mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic clamping and definite positioning of the part to be machined using machining centres.

Technical specifications for cooperation

Complete design work based on customer requirements, production and assembly of equipment, development of software and service of the equipment.

We use construction elements of leading suppliers from the field of industrial automation – BOSCH, SIEMENS, TELEMECANIQUE, FESTO, SMC, WEISS etc.

To secure data transfer between individual PLC systems we use the technologies of top companies such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, Bosch or Telemecanique, as required by customers.

Control software is developed on the basis of specific customer requirements for reliability and comfortable operation.

Top customers

Top customers